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Interesting about the potency

Its masculine force is proud of each Member of the stronger sex. This power makes sure any man, and woman happy and satisfied.

Let’s go directly to the interesting facts:

-If you want to live longer, then by all means you need to have sex more often. Scholars from Taiwan conducted a study, which found that regular sex to positively affect the health of both men and women.

-Want to preserve potency OK? Smaller not viagra and sit on the ground. Be proactive, predpochitaj car hiking and sedentary work in the Office purely manly profession. Is the key to your male power;

-Contrary to popular belief that the best sex happens after major quarrels or scandals is not true. At least in the long term. Imagine the scene: tired at work a man loaded there concerns, gets home “serving” and from the faithful. What could there possibly be a sex? The regular repetition of this scenario inevitably will cause your potency and libido da as a whole will gradually fade away. Stress is the worst enemy of male power;

“They say that love makes people stupid. But correct and for the intended purpose use viagra for sale potency makes it smarter. Regular sexual activity leads to increased blood circulation, which promotes better blood flow to the brain itself. In the same way in the process produced a special growth hormone releasing hormone responsible for intellectual ability;

-There is a common misconception whereby representatives of those or other races have different potencies. Different men force. Something like: Negroid-the strongest in this respect and some representatives of Asians still falls short of and up to the middle level. It is not true. Special studies show that with the birth of every child-man has the same abilities in this regard;

-According to the statistics, a healthy man aged twenty-five to forty years, capable of 5-10 sex acts per day. Can you imagine? Of course, everything depends on the way of life, but the numbers are surprising.

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