The abridged story behind the christening of Manhattan Beach goes that early 20th century land developer John Merrill won the right to name it after his metropolitan hometown though a successful coin toss. However, the city is diametrically opposite of its namesake, reflecting divergences in attitude and lifestyle. Whereas a suit and tie is de rigueur in Manhattan, a pair of swim trunks and flip flops as uniform isn’t an uncommon sight in this beach city.

Though disparate in address and style, the two cities do nevertheless share similarities with comparatively pricier properties in their respective regions. While Manhattan Beach’s oceanside real estate tows on the higher listing end, its various inland neighborhoods aren’t exactly inexpensive. The current median real estate sales price hovers above $1.9 million, according to Trulia.

Since it incorporated a little over a century ago, the city’s downtown has become a popular destination for tourists and staycationers alike. There’s an active outdoor sports scene that revolves around volleyball and surfing. It’s also one of the prettier parts of the county. A picturesque pier sits at the end of the sloping Manhattan Beach Boulevard, noticeable from miles away. It bisects a well-filmed beachfront, which includes a 2.1-mile pedestrian walkway alongside some of the tonier homes in Manhattan Beach.

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