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Looking for that unique gift? We walked around Downtown Manhattan Beach searching for unique gift ideas. We stopped at Tabula Rasa,The Beehive, Waterleaf, Bella Kids, Bacchaus Wine and {pages} a book store. Host Steve Napolitano walks us through a short description of what we found during our Manhattan Beach shopping spree!

Cotton Cargo

Contact: Rosemarie Jacobson
815 Manhattan Avenue Manhattan Beach CA 90266 : (310) 372-8504


Rosmarie Jacobson opened Cargo Cotton in 1979 when her son was graduating from high school. She decided to replace a chain-clothing store with her own boutique concept shop.

“I wouldn’t call it a ‘mom and pop’ kind of business, but instead ‘a small independent store’ because it is more upscale, in concept, but not always an upscale kind of price. I have always loved retail and I have always been fascinated with fashion,” she said while perched on her stool at the register. “My emphasis has always been on providing my customers with stylish all-natural fiber clothing options. I choose to get my products from small stylists, a lot of them are locally made items and most are American made rather than getting it from the big brands.”